There are many influences in our western society.  Some are good – some are not so good.  Some appear on the surface to be beneficial, but in fact, are the proverbial “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”  In other words, the acclaimed benefits of a thing or practice of something may, in fact, turn out to be harmful, if not downright dangerous.  The irony is, it may not be obvious at the onset.

What matters most is what lies behind the secret mask of all martial arts and yoga—what is at the root!  The two are undoubtedly intertwined and are often advertised together.  The practice of these activities, driven by a huge popularity factor, has made major inroads, especially of late into western society.  This infiltration has had an enormous impact on our world and has become a force to reckon with because of its widespread acceptance as an innocent sport or activity.

In this book, I draw from my own experience and professional expertise of 30 plus years in the martial arts—as a former student, instructor, and later as a national champion.  I will reveal what I have learned.  In order to expose the myths, I will also draw on the expertise of others.  I will uncover the mysteries and hidden secrets that are almost never revealed to those who are involved, or those who are thinking about becoming involved.

It never ceases to amaze me how many ignore the uneasiness they feel about getting involved in the martial arts and yoga in the first place.  I think it may be because most people are not informed or knowledgeable about the spiritual roots from which these two practices originate. 

The deadly tentacles of deception go back thousands of years and are deeply rooted.  Today, the truth is well disguised.  Various forms of these two activities have now reached into all social, economic, and spiritual levels of our society.  Unfortunately, warnings often fall on deaf ears and have been greatly ignored. 
It is my hope that many will heed this warning, but realistically I also know, that there are those who will disagree with my assessment of the martial arts, and will probably say that there is no proof that what I am saying is true.

But that itself is deception.  The founders and masters of the martial arts understand what is behind these activities and will often allude to the fact that what is at the spiritual “root” is what fuels the power that one sees demonstrated.  They are not themselves deceived, but they are experts at deceiving others!
I want to share what I believe is most important from my own life experiences―hard-hitting, eye-opening facts—to show where martial arts and yoga came from, how they evolved, and where they are today.

Over the past six decades in particular, there has been an insidious plan being developed and implemented, which has gradually crept into the mainstream of our western society and is now affecting millions of lives to one degree or another. 
What I am about to share with you in this book is not to judge or condemn any individual, or their choice to become involved in the martial arts, yoga, or any other eastern-related practice. 

My purpose is simply to inform all those who read this book of the truth so they may ascertain for themselves the risks of getting involved.  The content of this book may shock and anger some, yet hopefully, will set others free from deception and bondage from forces most cannot fathom or understand, without true revelation.

The martial arts and yoga are often cleverly disguised as self-defense, physical fitness, a sport, exercise, stress reduction, or some other health benefit.  Many are drawn to what they consider to be sheer fun, excitement, relaxation, or entertainment.  Yet most who are involved in these activities and practices, even many who have been involved for years as teachers or instructors, do not have a clue what is hidden under the surface. 

Even if they did, most would not know what to do about it.  Some would shrug it off as “no big deal” or say, “That is not possible!”  Whether these eastern arts are for supposed health benefits, competition, non-competition, or self-defense, all incorporate various harmful spiritual concepts—without exception! 

In recent years, these activities have exploded in popularity, running through millions of households—to schools, universities, to top government officials, and even to the White House.  The eastern arts (especially yoga and transcendental meditation) have also been brought in through some medical professionals, who tout all the supposed proactive benefits that can supposedly be derived from yoga and other eastern activities.

For those involved in the martial arts and related arts, or for those who are considering becoming involved to any degree, have you ever wondered about the source of power that is behind them, or where it originates?  Have you investigated, asked questions, or considered that all of these practices overlap and are integrated with each other?  Have you asked who founded or created them, or what were their original purposes?  Do you want to know the truth?

Obviously, martial arts and yoga did not develop on their own out of thin air.  They both have a complex root system, the knowledge of which may come as a surprise to many.  Join me in taking a closer look.